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How To Play Live Casino Games, review of Live Casinos in Canada

Live casinos in Canada are not a new thing. They debuted in 2003, thanks to industry leader Playtech. Competitors quickly followed suit, and the sphere expanded. However, it wasn’t until this past decade that live casino games took off in Canada due to the invention of the smartphone and wide-spread internet access. Many saw them as a natural evolution of digital casinos as they try to reign supreme over land-based venues. Today, for many gamblers, playing live dealer games at Canadian online casinos is the norm, not the exception.

Live Casinos – the Best Option for an Authentic Gambling Experience.

Live casinos do not attempt to replicate the real-life casino experience, because they are just that. Nowadays, players no longer have to watch computer simulations of both classic and new casino games, as they can get the same feel and excitement found at brick-and-mortar establishments from the comfort of their homes. 

Everything is the same, except you are interacting with croupiers via a mobile device, tablet, or desktop computer. A live casino provides many of the aspects associated with land-based gambling minus some of the hassles and a few extra perks. 

How Do Live Casinos work?

Thanks to technology, operators now live stream casino games to Canadian players. These feeds come from all corners of the globe with little latency, as most providers broadcast games from HD studios, while some stream from inside real-life gaming venues.

Dealers watch monitors that display player moves, and they act accordingly. Automatic shufflers shuffle the cards, and dealers draw them out of a shoe, scanning them using an Optical Character Recognition system. The combination of these two ensures fairness. Other games, such as Live Roulette, utilize built-in sensors that interface with the casino software.

What Do You Need to Enjoy Live Casino Games?

If you can play online slots, you can play live casino games. Going up against a live dealer doesn’t require any exclusive hardware capabilities or software. All a player needs are access to an internet connection and a device able to open an online casino. 

In the past, some games were unavailable for mobile users, but that’s more-or-less a thing of the past. Today, if you have a modern smartphone and any desktop computer, you should run these games via your internet browser without any issues. 

Why Should You Play in a Live Casino?

Likely the main selling point of any live casino is that players can enjoy table games in real-time with a real dealer. The whole setup and process feel authentic, and people can take in all the fun and thrills associated with casino gambling at any time from any place. 

Live casinos let players instant access to tables where the games are more competitive. They also feature higher bet limits and a higher-level of interactivity.  Some of these platforms may offer exclusive promotions in the form of a live casino bonus or entry into a VIP program that can yield perks such as cashback deals.


Interactivity is a driving force as to why people flock to these games. Most platforms feature live chats where players can converse with each other and build camaraderie. In this little window, a player can socialize with other Canadian gambling enthusiasts and not only get support but learn new tips and strategies that may improve his chances of winning.

The live dealer is also up for a quick chat, as players can ask him/her questions directly. His job is not to only deal cards or spin a wheel, but to communicate with those at his table, make them feel comfortable, and make sure that they have fun. Socialization enhances the gaming experience ten-fold.

Keep Track of the Game

If you are aware that your attention can wane, and that you can lose track of time, then do not fret. The interface at all online casinos displays your balance, and if you choose to play multiple hands at a time, you can see the total value of all your bets. 

If you feel anxious that you may not add up the cards on the table correctly, thanks to the OCR system, there’s a digital counter that sums up the total of each hand and displays this figure next to the cards. Thus, it’s much easier to follow what’s going on. Many live casinos even keep a log of your bets and your transaction history. Therefore, you can know exactly how much you have played and when. 


We live in an age when speed and ease of use are keys to satisfaction. Everyone wants everything quick and easy. Thankfully, if you look for the best live casino, you’ll likely find one that features a ton of live tables playable via a mobile device. Either through a dedicated app or via its instant-play platform. Make sure to read the reviews of Live Casinos in Canada below.

Smartphones now can handle more complex games than what online gaming sites have to offer. They can display video in HD, and they can handle super-fast bandwidth speeds. So, if you have access to the internet, through Wi-Fi or data transfer, you should have no problems playing-on-the-go. A hand of blackjack against a real dealer is only a click away.


There’s no denying that in some parts of the world, there’s still a stigma associated with gambling. Live casinos let people enjoy playing games of chance in anonymity, without disclosing their identity to other players. If a person opts to use cryptocurrencies, he can also keep his transactions anonymous.

Privacy is a major concern for all Canadian players, and given that they provide these online platforms’ personal information, they need reassurances that third-parties will not get access to sensitive data. That is why most sites have privacy policies that feature such guarantees by following laws and regulations set by overseeing bodies. They also feature high-end encryption to protect all player data entered on their websites.

What to Consider When Choosing a Live Casino? Reviews of Live Casinos in Canada is a way to find your favorite casino.

If you want to find the best live casino Canada has to offer, then look for one that features exciting promotions, a vast game selection, premium customer support, and a decent reputation. Always make sure that the site has a gaming license from a reputable regulatory body and that it has adequate security in place.

Make sure to check the fine print. An exciting slew of promotions may look tempting, but after going through the terms and conditions, you may discover that they come with higher wagering requirements and tight deadlines. Also, check if you can limit your deposits and set up other measures that will ensure that you play responsibly. 

Read reviews

Reading a professional’s viewpoint on how a live casino stacks up against competitors can be invaluable information, especially if you are a newbie. Casino review sites provide the most important information about a platform in one article that you can read in less than ten minutes. Thus, you can quickly find out what are the deposit and withdrawal limits, if there are any restrictions regarding promo deals, and so on.

Also, go through other player’s experiences with the site you are considering. Did they face any issues when trying to remove their funds? How was their interaction with the support staff? How was their complaint resolved? You won’t find this info in a platform’s terms and conditions, and it could be invaluable.


A live casino can be a home to games from one or multiple game providers. Industry juggernauts include the likes of Evolution Gaming, NetEnt Live, and Playtech. These companies host the games, while you make bets with your chosen platforms. Meaning, the casino’s software interacts with that of the provider. 

Most online platforms today let you play via their website, using a desktop or mobile browser, or what they refer to as an instant-play platform. However, for added convenience and speed, some let you download dedicated software off their website. You may be able to download a desktop app or one for your mobile phone. Note that the Google Play Store only allows gambling apps for users from specific regions, and the Apples Store only allows apps native to iOS. 


Security is of paramount importance to anyone that makes online transactions via the internet in Canada. Since live casinos fall under this umbrella, players should always make sure that the platform utilizes adequate encryption, which turns your data into strings of unbreakable code. Make sure that the website has a valid SSL certificate and that it only partners with established payment providers.

Only play at licensed live casinos, those that have got one from a reputable body. These authorities make sure the casino is above board before giving them a license, and that the company that runs the platform is financially stable. The body also acts as an arbitral that can resolve complaints.

Also, make sure to always go through the terms and conditions before playing. Look to see if there’s anything hidden in the fine print and learn how the casino will handle your personal information.

Reviews of Live Casino Games in Canada

Due to the cost of running a live table, the game selection in the live casino section of any gaming site is not as robust as the one that houses the slots. Live game providers tend to focus on classic casino games with established rules. Therefore, the most common ones you’ll find at one of these platforms include live baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and casino-poker variants.

Naturally, there are also some variations of these classic available to play, but in recent years, providers have upped their games and are offering innovative game show-like games. On top of this, they are trying to modify existing games by adding twists to them that introduce new betting options, add speed to the game, and improve the win potential.

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